Mark Redmond

conselling & psychotherapy gorey wexfordMark Redmond - Counselling & Psychotherapy

Humanistic Integrative Counselling and Psychotherapy, for short-term or long-term support with:
•    Depression
•    Anxiety, stress, panic attacks, phobias, OCD
•    Bereavement
•    Sexual abuse
•    Suicide
•    Relationship and family difficulties
•    Trauma, including post-traumatic-stress-disorder (PTSD)
•    Physical, mental and emotional abuse
•    Childhood developmental trauma
•    Life-crisis (education, career, un-employment, mid-life, medical, retirement, etc.)
•    Nightmares
•    Personal development

If you feel you need help with any of these or other issues, please feel free to contact me for further information or to arrange an appointment for an introductory assessment session.

Tel: 087 2394239
Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.